Cool and crazy natural phenomena

Europe wins in terms of architecture, but I guess the USA wins in terms of nature. There are so many cool things to see here (think Yellowstone park and the Grand Canyon).

We are trying to plan a trip to YellowStone Park and I came across an article about all the cool natural phenomena on earth. They are so amazing, I wanted to share them with you. After seeing this my bucket list extended…

Underwater rivers –¬†Cenote Angelita, Mexico

Underwater rivers mexico

Lime lake

lime lake

Mammatus cloud

Mammatus cloud

Fairy circle Southern Africa

Fairy circle south africa

Frozen methane bubbles

Frozen methane bubbles

Christmas Island red crab

Christmas Island red crab

Lenticular cloud

Lenticular cloud

Polar stratospheric cloud

Polar stratospheric cloud artic

The migration of the Monarch Butterfly – USA Mexico

The migration of the Monarch Butterfly mexico usa

The Everlasting Wave – Brazil

The Everlasting Wave brazil

Fire Rainbows

Fire Rainbows

Great Blue Hole – Belize

Great Blue Hole belize

The Everlasting Storm – Venezuela

The Everlasting Storm venezuela

Sphere Rocks – New Zealand

spere rock new zealand

Green Sunset and Sunrise

Green sunset

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